Načrtujemo odlično leglo Entlebuških planšarjev za poletje 2019:

We plan a very special litter of Entlebuchers at the summer 2019:


Dam:Galant Nalani from Balihara Ranch (imp. Slovakia)

PRA-A, HD B/B, ED 0/0, DNK profile, eye tests-all clear, CAC, BOB, Best female

Grand sire: Bart from Wealth Island (CZ)

PRA-A, HD A/A, ED B/B, OCD-0, PL 0/0, Patella-neg, EU-B

JCH SK, JCH H, Top entlbucher SKSSP, National Speciality Winner and BOS (2017), CH SK, CH H, CH Serbia, International Champion, Chanpion of Champions 2017

Grand dam: Fantasia iz Blagorodnog doma (Russia)

PRA-A, HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD 0, PL 0/0, EU-A

JCH SK, CH SK, 2x CACIB, Top Junior female SKSSp, Top female SSKP


Sire: JCH Koohinoor van het Bressershof (imp. Belgium)

PRA-A, HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD-0, EU-B,Patella-neg., eye tests-all clear, DNA profile, Hungarian Junior Champion

Grand dam: Brinta van het Bressershof (Belgium)- HD A/A, DNA profile

Grand sire: Artus vom oberen Dorfberg ( Switzerland) HD B/B, DNK Profile


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